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Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes $35.00/60 minutes $65.00/90 minutes $95.00

Targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and muscles.  Focuses n the release of muscle tension.

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy

30 minutes $40.00/60 minutes $65.00/90 minutes $100.00

Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes-$30.00/60 minutes $60.00/90 minutes $80.00

Please allow me to give you the best relief you have experienced since your great news of becoming a new mother. The pampering does go on. Give yourself the time zone to come get some great relaxation

Foot scrub/detox


Enjoy a refreshing foot scrub to rejuvenate the body and soul. Follow and finish up with a natural detox to cleanse you thoroughly.

Swedish Massage

30 minutes-$30.00/60 minutes $50.00/90 minutes $75.00

Relief and relaxation for comfort and body maintenance of circulation and stress decreaser

Joint Restoration


Come receive a great session of joint restoration. The muscles and joints go hand and hand. Before you have those shots for pain or surgery, try my work out. I have medical massage experience and truly blessed by God to help others heal. Call for an appointment. Thanks in advance. See you soon.See Less